Odoo 4 Fashion
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Odoo 4 Fashion

Multichannel ERP, POS, Webshop,... all in one!

Empower your wholesale / retail in fashion, leather goods, shoes, sporting goods,... with Odoo 4 Fashion

Accomodata provides Odoo 4 Fashion to wholesalers and (fashion) retailers who want to integrate stand-alone programs such as sales, cashier, logistics and inventory, accounting and webshop in one system. Odoo 4 Fashion

Odoo 4 Fashion Features

  • Website builder & Webshop with website/shop templates.
  • Total integration with sizes & colors
  • Multi shop online / offline POS
  • CRM, marketing and sales management
  • Purchases and warehouse management
  • Full cloud or on-premise installations
  • Works well on PC, tablet, smartphone
  • Quick start, easy to user, flexible and adaptable to your specific needs

All-in-One with Odoo 4 Fashion

ODOO develops disruptive business applications , which serve as the basis for all types of businesses in terms of size and activities. For specific needs where a sector has to deal with, ODOO is working with authorized partners like Accomodata to add sector-specific knowledge to the system.

Accomodata has a lot of experience in the implementation of Odoo in distribution and retail companies where items are common in many models, sizes and colors. Accomodata has enriched ODOO with various optimizations and enhancements specific to the sector.ODOO combined with these extensions is called ODOO 4 Fashion ( Wholesale and Retail ).



  • Total integration of inventory, POS & webshop in one system.

    No double entry of data between inventory system, sales management, cash registers and shop.

  • Sizes and color integration on products

    Dynamic enhancements of sizes and colors and attributes to improve and accelerate your order processing.

  • Integrated mobile and static POS

    Integrated online / offline multi-store POS system for all stores or (mobile) outlets.

  • Centralization of stand-alone programs

    Purchasing, Inventory, logistics, CRM, sales, point of sale, webshop, accounting, HR, Business Intelligence, ... centralized in one system.

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