Odoo Enterprise

All-in-One bedrijfssoftware 

Odoo is a business application that integrates all business functions in one single environment.
Odoo Enterprise provides more than 500 modules and apps. They are integrated with each other, but can also be used 'stand alone'. 

Accomodata has combined its experience of more than 100 projects in additional apps. All of these can also be used for your project.   

Odoo enterprise apps

Integrate Odoo in your company and unleash the power of:

60 languages

170 countries

2400 employees

1500 developers

50.000+ customers

6.000.000  users

Increase sales

CRM, ERP, Webshop, Point of Sale, All-in-one management software.


More than 500 integrated apps and tools allowing you to fully manage your company.

Gain control

Track exactly how you are performing compared to the company's objectives.

More than 50 000 companies use Odoo

to reach the full potential of their company   

We improve operational activities, reduces costs, provide instant information
to enable a proactive management strategy!

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