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Odoo 4 Fashion 2024

'AI' Ready Omnichannel backbone voor de mode retailer en groothandel

Today customers expect to be able to interact seamlessly with your company across every possible channel. The current omnichannel environment has no limits but implementing an omnichannel approach can be complex.

Fashion wholesalers and retailers integrating programmes like sales, logistics, PoS, inventory, accounting and e-commerce into one system are able to anticipate faster to the rapidly changing consumer behaviour.

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Unify your physical and digital commerce with Odoo 4 Fashion

Odoo 4 Fashion is designed to enable your customers to enjoy the most agile customer experience through all channels.

We ensure customer centricity through the alignment of your business processes, as well for B2B, B2C and retail. Your customers will experience extremely convenient interacton with both yur physical and online store(s), sharing the same information everywhere.

Overtref de verwachtingen van de klant

Accomodata has gained a lot of experience in implementing Odoo in the fashion industry and retail.

Accomodata has enriched Odoo with various optimizations and specific extensions for the fashion industry. We call this expansion of Odoo, Odoo 4 Fashion.

To take full advantage of omnichannel business opportunities, an omnichannel software solution is essential to stay ahead of the competition in today's changing fashion industry.

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​Odoo 4 Fashion 2024

In pole position 
to grow

  • A central software for wholesale, retail and e-commerce
  • Quick start-up, easy to use, flexible and customizable
  • Full cloud or on premise installation
  • Customer interactions through multiple channels
  • Website builder & webshop with customized design
  • Multisite, multishop, multicompany
  • CRM, (social media) marketing & sales management

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Total integration of  inventory management, PoS and online shop in one system

No double entry of data between inventory system, sales management, cash registers and shops.

Increase growth of your fashion business?

Odoo 4 Fashion 2024 biedt een krachtige set aan tools om uw artikelen sneller,  slimmer en op de meest efficiënte manier aan de klant te brengen.

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