Odoo Foodsafe

ERP software in compliance with sector-specific regulations of the food sector

Nowhere is the regulation of quality and safety as strict as in the food industry.  Companies must comply with strict standards and must remain the efficiency of their operations remain optimal at the same time.

Production and wholesale companies within the food segment
which combine applications for purchasing, production, quality analysis, storage, logistics, traceability, sales, invoicing and accounting in a single system, are able to align their processes and speed up order processing.


Odoo + afbeelding en tekst

Efficient technology for increased productivity

Odoo Foodsafe is an implementation template for Odoo Enterprise which combines the standard ERP benefits with additional features specific to this sector.  It enables an Odoo quick-start at food companies.

Odoo Foodsafe offers more than 500 Odoo apps for integrated business management in the food sector!

Full integration in the food sector

In addition to Odoo Foodsafe's advanced ERP capabilities, Odoo Foodsafe also offers extras such as:

  • The upgrading of the batch administration to a batch file, including tracing                     

  • Quality check in all types of processing,

  • Registration on the production site by means of tablet devices,

  • Cost price analysis per production batch or recipe,

  • Operation with production or work orders,

  • Data capture for all logistic operations,

  • SSCC-labels,

  • EDI templates for communication with mass distribution.

Want to grow your food business?

Odoo Foodsafe offers a powerful set of tools to work accurately  and run your processes in the most efficient way.